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29.03.2018, 17:00 TUM Institute for Medical Engineering Event Cancelled !

Event Type: Talk
Speaker: Eric LePage
Institute: OAEricle Australia

Title: How does the cochlear amplifier cope with the presence of endolymphatic hydrops?

Hörzentrum München - Klinikum rechts der Isar
Ismaninger Straße 33
81675 München

Host: HöReN Research Network - Marcus Drexl
Host Email:
The talk by Eric LePage has been canceled.

Investigators working on the nature of the cochlear amplifier only want to consider direct measurement mechanical data from pristine preparations displaying the highest hearing sensitivity. Conversely, otologist investigators working on endolymphatic hydrops (ELH) predominantly consider swelling of the endolymphatic duct as representing some stage into a pathological process. Apart from a half-century of data on displacement-bias effects, both of these phenomena represent configurations in cochlear mechanics prescribing the forces acting upon the basilar membrane. These two spheres of intense research activity are rarely considered and compared together. They seem permanently quarantined into separate silos. One is labelled fast phenomena, the other slow.