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14.03.2019, 17:30 TUM-NeuroImaging Center
until 18:30
Event Type: Talk
Speaker: Paul Sauseng
Institute: Professor of Biological Psychology, LMU

Title: It's swinging in the brain: how slow brain rhythms might control working memory processes

Library, Neuro-Kopf-Zentrum, 4th floor
Ismaninger Str. 22
81675 M√ľnchen

Host: Markus Ploner
Host Email:
It has been demonstrated that during working memory tasks heathy human participants usually demonstrate a clear increase in amplitude at slow brain frequencies (e.g. at theta rhythm) measured via EEG. In this talk I will suggest that the phase of slow brain activity, i.e. the exact temporal evolution of waves, are of particular importance for working memory processses.This suggestion will be backed-up with results from transcranial alternating current stimulation, EEG and combined EEG and transcranial magnetic brain stimulation studies.

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