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29.04.2019, 18:00 RTG 2175: Perception in Context and its Neural Basis

Event Type: Talk
Speaker: Saskia Haegens
Institute: Columbia University Medical Center, New York and Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging, Nijmegen

Title: Oscillatory building blocks underlying perception & cognition

Small Lecture Hall B01.019
GroƟhadernerstr. 2
82152 Martinsried

Host: Michaela McAssey, RTG 2175
Host Email:
In daily life, we receive a continuous stream of information. This sensory input has to be filtered and processed when relevant, while irrelevant or distracting input has to be suppressed. In my view, brain oscillations provide the scaffolding for information transfer, and understanding these oscillatory mechanisms is critical to understanding higher-level cognitive functions. I study these mechanisms in the context of attention and perceptual decision-making, using a combination of techniques including spike and LFP recordings, ECoG, and MEG.

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