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17.10.2019, 13:00 Max-Planck-Institut für Ornithologie
until 14:00
Event Type: Talk
Speaker: Gloriana Chaverri
Institute: Universidad de Costa Rica

Title: Acoustic communication during the location of ephemeral roosts in Spix's disc-winged bats

Seminar room, bldg. 4
82319 Seewiesen

Host: Holger Goerlitz

The neotropical insectivorous bat, Thyroptera tricolor, or Spix’s disc-winged bat, is known to form extremely cohesive social aggregations despite moving daily between roost-sites. My research over the last 13 years shows that T. tricolor uses a combination of two social signals, inquiry and response calls, to locate each other during flight and while roosting. In my talk, I will focus on the role that these social calls play in maintaining cohesive groups, and the causes and consequences of the variation in vocal behavior we see within and among groups.

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