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18.11.2019, 17:30 TUM Electrical Engineering
until 19:30
Event Type: Talk
Speaker: Klaus Gramann
Institute: TU Berlin

Title: Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoBI) to image brains in action

Theresienstr. 90
80333 M√ľnchen

Host: Markus Ploner
Host Email:
Recent years have shown a remarkable shift in using established EEG technologies to leave the traditional lab environments and to record brain dynamics in actively behaving participants in complex technical setups and the real world. Imaging human brain dynamics usually requires stationary setups and immobile participants to avoid movement-related artifacts from distorting the signal of interest. Interaction with technical systems, however, often requires physical movement to interact with some form of interface to reach the desired system state. This movement itself provides kinesthetic feedback that contributes to and sometimes builds the very basis of the interaction. The brain dynamics underlying such physical interaction are hitherto unknown because of the restrictions of established brain imaging modalities. To overcome these restrictions, new mobile brain imaging methods can be employed. Here, I will give an overview of new technological developments in the field and applications that are now possible using mobile electroencephalography and Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoBI). The requirements and pros and cons of different approaches will be discussed and examples for recent interactive VR experiments are shown. In addition, challenges regarding recording hardware and analyses approaches often leading to difficulties in comparing the results with established laboratory EEG-parameters will be discussed.

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