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23.01.2020, 17:15 TUM Lehrstuhl für Bewegungswissenschaft - Fakultät für Sport- und Gesundheitswissenschaft

Event Type: Talk
Speaker: Jost-Julian Rumpf
Institute: Neurologie, Universitätsklinikum Leipzig

Title: Modulating motor memory consolidation processes using non-invasive brain stimulation

Georg-Brauchle-Ring 60
80992 München

Host: Joachim Hermsdörfer
Host Email:

The process of learning a new motor skill can be divided into different phases. The initial learning phase (online) is followed by an offline phase (consolidation) during which the training-acquired motor engram is transformed into a more robust representation in the absence of further task practice. This presentation will highlight results from a series of experiments in which we employ different non-invasive brain stimulation techniques (tDCS, tACS and TMS) in an effort to better understand and possibly enhance offline motor memory consolidation. Results will be discussed in the context of the growing debate of whether non-invasive brain stimulation is a viable and effective avenue to enhance motor learning and consolidation processes in both healthy and pathological populations.

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